ELEAGUE open quals finished

eleagueThe third and final ELEAGUE open qualifier has come to an end with Tricked and Tengri. 512 teams faced each other to find the best two, huge number of mid-tier teams takes their part in the qualification, but only Kazakhstan and Danish teams were able to break through to the main tournament.  Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen’s from tricked and Adlet “keeN” Nyrseytov’s from Tengri were able to pave the way for their teams as leaders.

The final list of teams for the ELEAGUE’s European prelimary round is as follows:

dignitas FaZe FlipSid3 Gambit
G2 ALTERNATE aTTaX Kinguin HellRaisers
GODSENT deadweight passions CHAOS
ENCORE Tricked Tengri walkover

The action will continue soon, with the preliminary round in which 16 teams will be fighting for four ELEAGUE spots scheduled to start September 7-8. However, with teams such as G2, GODSENT and FaZe away for SL i-League Starseries Season 2, some delays and rescheduling might occur.

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