Edward: “We kind of live in our inner small world of pro-players”

Former CS:GO team member Natus Vincere and Winstrike Team John Edward Sukharev spoke about the attitude of professional players towards media. In the new issue of Mrs. Marple, he said that the e-sportsmen “have big enough salaries to allow themselves not to worry about any kind of media.”

“I always had this rejection of publicity, media, some kind of interview. We are spoiled, we have large enough salaries to allow ourselves not to worry about any kind of media, although this is also relative. We simply do not know the environment in which we are. It’s as if we live in our inner small world of pro-players. Very often, you know how we relate to the organizations in which we play, to tournaments? We are very, very disloyal. From this we can behave boorishly and so on. This is not just because you are a boor, but there it is, these are the conditions of your perception matrix. You don’t understand why you need this, who needs to appear on television, it is beneficial for them to see me there. You do not think that it can be mutually beneficial and beneficial to you. All this influences the formation of your attitude to the business. ”

Edward began his career as a player in 2004 and joined Natus Vincere in 2009 when the organization was founded. With the exception of the period at Astana Dragons, which lasted three months, Sukharev spent 9.5 years at NAVI. On May 29, Sukharev left the Natus Vincere CS: GO squad and joined the Winstrike Team on loan. September 7, he left the Russian club.

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