Edward finished first half against AVANGAR with negative stats

On August 11, in a match against AVANGAR, Winstrike Team CS:GO player, Ioahnn Edward Sukharev, finished the first half on Dust2 with a negative kill score. On the side of the terrorists, he did not make a single frag and accidentally killed his ally.

The final score for Sukharev after 15 rounds was -1/2/13. In the second half, he managed to make six frags. The match between AVANGAR and Winstrike Team was held as part of the BLAST Pro Series closed qualification. AVANGAR won two maps in a row – 16:14 on Train and 16: 8 on Dust2.

Negative indicators in the first half of the match in the history of CS were noted by other well-known e-sportsmen. For example, Sergey lmbt Bezhanov in kerchNet played with a score of -1/15. Not a single murder in half was made by Adam ruloN Vishnevsky, who at that time played for the POLAND team. In honor of him, a comic “Roll Club” appeared, which included players who made 0 frags for the first half with 15 deaths.

Edward joined the Winstrike Team in May 2019. For seven years earlier, he had played for the Natus Vincere team.

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