Edward about the situation at NAVI before he left: “I had a feeling that there were conversations going on behind my back”

Former Natus Vincere CS: GO player Ioann Edward Sukharev told what happened in the team a few months before his departure. In an interview with HLTV.org, he noted that experienced and young players disagreed on what to focus on.

“In 2018, Zeus secretly told me that the players talked about me with Zolotarev. I ignored Dani’s request to keep it a secret and gathered the whole team to express what I think about the situation and that I am unhappy with it. There is no smoke without a fire, and then I really was not in the best shape, I had a recession. Immediately after this conversation, everything got better for me, and we won three tournaments in a row – StarSeries Season 5, CAC 2018 and ESL One Cologne, where we beat Astralis in the semifinals. Then we went to ELEAGUE in Atlanta, and between the group stage and the playoffs we had a break of about five days. We spent this time relaxing without thinking about the team at all.

After three wins in a row, we could have become the best team in the world, but we preferred to hang out. It seems that the young players were not yet mentally prepared, and Danya and I did not interfere with this. We performed at ELEAGUE and the momentum we received from our conversation disappeared. There was no team game, everyone was focused on individual training. I never shared this approach, but I did not say anything, despite the fact that I was categorically against it. It’s more important for me to disassemble demos and discuss them than to play FPL until the morning and hang out, but you shouldn’t blame others for this. At their age, I thought almost the same way, and only after passing the years and gaining experience, you understand what needs to be done. Some aspects of life or work can be explained in detail, but you will only really understand everything when you yourself face it. Six months after ELEAGUE I was expelled from the team.”

Edward also said that over time, the management listened less and less to experienced players. According to him, at the moment Andrey B1ad3 Gorodenskiy and Alexander s1mple Kostylev have the decisive word in the team.

“There was a feeling that conversations were going on behind me. Internal communication has also changed. If earlier the management primarily took into account the opinion of experienced players, that is, the final word was for me and Dania, but later it became obvious that this was no longer the case, and we became ordinary players. But that’s okay, I don’t mind. At that time, no one was in charge of the team, and everyone went with the flow. In this situation, s1mple became a key figure, taking control, and the organization apparently supported him. Now decisions are made by B1ad3 and Sasha.”

Edward has represented Natus Vincere for over nine years. He left the team in May 2019 – Sukharev was replaced by Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov.

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