Edward about leaving NAVI: “I felt out of place”

Edward commented on the exclusion from Natus Vincere on CS:GO. In an interview he said that after leaving the team, he “felt relieved.”

“I felt out of place. I knew something was nibbling at me. For a long time I could not admit to myself and sincerely answer the question why and what was it, although I felt and knew the truth. I felt relief because it finally happened. All – I move on, I continue to develop. I have felt stagnation for a very long time. ”

Edward has represented Natus Vincere since 2009 – only in 2013, he temporarily left the team to join Astana Dragons. As part of the Ukrainian organization, he performed at 12 majors, reached the finals of Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015, MLG Major Championship: Columbus and FACEIT Major – London 2018, and also won a number of championships from ESL, StarLadder and DreamHack.

At the end of May, Sukharev moved to the Winstrike Team on loan and became the team captain. His place in Natus Vincere was taken by Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov.

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