Dupreeh about the possible return of karrigan to FaZe: “This lineup looks strong on paper”

Astralis CS: GO player Peter dupreeh Rasmussen commented on rumors about the return of Finn karrigan Andersen to FaZe Clan. According to Rasmussen, his former teammate will help improve the team’s results by taking the position of captain.

“I think FaZe Clan needs a certain captain. There are already rumors about karrigan’s return to FaZe. On paper, this lineup looks pretty strong. It will have star players and karrigan is a great captain. I played under his supervision and I can say that he quickly finds effective ways to use the strengths of his teammates. He makes great decisions in the middle of the round and can take the team from the bottom to a stable place in the top five. ”

Previously, Russell Twistzz Van Dalken joined FaZe Clan. In the team, he took the place of Marcus Kjaerbye Kiebu, who was transferred to the reserve. Dupreeh noted that this decision was unexpected, but logical, since the team did not achieve the desired results.

On January 11, mousesports management announced that it was considering options for replacing karrigan. Later in an interview with the FaZe Clan player Marcelo coldzera David noted that the club plans to announce a new captain in the near future. He will take the place of Olof olofmeister Kaibier, who intends to end his career.





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