DreamEaters coach: “I came to the Major not to respect someone”

DreamEaters CS:GO coach, Alexander Zoner Bogatyrev, commented on shouting at opponents during the game. In his opinion, sports rage is a normal phenomenon during matches.

“When we passed Vega in the closed qualifiers, I realized that with such a game we would be in the top 3 in Minor. Mirage vs. Brazilians – it was something with something! All the same experience on the lanes and the necessary peace of mind, which teams have a higher level, is very decisive. Now we ourselves have received this precious experience.

Some people write that I do not respect the opponent. I want to ask them, are you really so dumb ??! I came to Minor – qualifiers for Major are not in favor of respecting someone! I came to destroy the opposing team, wipe out, bury deep, and piss off, and I don’t care where this opponent comes from – the CIS, Europe or America.

Sports anger, this is a normal phenomenon in the game! And any normal coach of the opposing team understands this, just like I understand when the same thing flies in my direction. Respect is when after the game you come up to the opponent, press the hands and say “thanks for the game”, it does not matter whether you won or lost. On this topic, you can argue forever, different people have different points of view, but I am sure that what I do brings results! ”

DreamEaters beat INTZ eSports in the Play-In stage and passed on StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. Previously, forZe and Syman Gaming qualified for major via the major for the CIS.

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