DreamEaters announces CS: GO roster

DreamEaters have named the players who have joined the new roster for CS: GO. The information was published in the group of the organization in VKontakte.

DreamEaters was joined by Nikita CHEHOL Sadovsky, Vladislav minse Kuzminykh, Denis Kas9k Grishechkin, Sergey Quantium Malchenko and Vladimir JACKPOT Dyakonov.

The previous DreamEaters roster left the organization on October 7th. Club director Anton Nagval Vinogradov spoke about the disagreements that arose with him with the players. In response to this, Svyatoslav svyat Dovbakh accused the former leader of delayed salaries and lack of professionalism. You can read more about the conflict here.

Roster of DreamEaters:
Nikita #CHEHOL Sadovsky;
Vladislav minse Kuzminykh;
Denis Kas9k Grishechkin;
Sergey Quantium Malchenko;
Vladimir JACKPOT Dyakonov;

Alexey BAS Kustov (trainer);
Artemy SnowBerry Kozlov (manager).

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