Dosia about the breakup of Gambit: “We haven’t seen any interaction from Kane with us”

Mikhail Dosia Stolyarov explained why the championship roster of Gambit Esports in CS: GO broke up. According to him, the problem of the roster was in the trainer Mikhail Kane Blagin, who only interacted with Daniil Zeus Teslenko. Dosia told about this in an interview with the blogger Shoke.

“The coach didn’t suit us. We haven’t seen any interaction from Kane with us. He had it with Zeus, but it was not stupid with us. Therefore, we did not understand why he was training us, and we voted to remove him. And Zeus voted against and delivered an ultimatum: “If he leaves, then I will leave after him.”

Stolyarov also named Kane as one of the worst teammates he has ever played with. Beyond that, Dosia explained where the X GOD nickname came from. According to him, he promoted this meme himself together with the leadership of Gambit.

“It was purposefully done by Gambit with me. Konstantin groove Pikiner was the first to see the joke on HLTV. They created a rating of the sexiest players and threw me, JW, flusha there – they did everything in a joke. Kostya decided to hyip and pick up this topic. We released a video of X GOD, which racked up over a million on the fly, for a total of five million views. And then we slightly supported this topic and released a few more videos. And [nickname] stuck. “

In an interview, Dosia also talked about the problems with his own car wash, his experience in playing in China and the creation of the Mustang crew esports organization.

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