Dimasick: “NAVI refused to play on the Moscow server because s1mple had ping 55”

Pro100 player Dmitry dimasick Matvienko was unsatisfied with the organization of the match against Natus Vincere in ESL One: Road to Rio in CS: GO. In his VKontakte group, Matvienko wrote that he had to perform a high ping because Alexander s1mple Kostylev refused to play on the Moscow server.

“We lost navi 0-2, but the catch is that on the first map we played on a German server, where I had a big ping. this is a CIS qualifier. Okay, that’s okay. Admins say that the MSK server is not ready for the 1st card and on the 2nd we will spit on the MSK server. After the 1st skating rink we go to dd2 and the navi refuse to play on the msk server, because simpling has 55) and they simply pour it from the server, although the rest have three pentrics and a perf around 20. According to the rules of the tournament, if one team does not agree , then according to the regulations it is played in FRANKFURT, this is CIS qual, right? Not the fact that this affected the result, but somehow not nice. S1mpleGOD! ”

Pro100 lost to NAVI with a score of 0: 2. In the next match, the Matvienko team will compete with ESPADA.

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