Dima: “Valve no longer strives for contact with players and just cuts money”

Professional player Dmitry Dima Bandurka spoke about Valve’s attitude towards CS:GO in comparison with Riot Games’ policy. In an interview with Metaratings, he also spoke about the difficulties he faced when moving to Valorant.

According to Dima, the hardest part about changing disciplines was mastering the new mechanics:

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“First of all, you need to get used to the mechanics of the game. To the abilities of the characters, for example, and in general to the game itself, in principle. “

Bandurka stated that, unlike Riot Games, Valve does not even try to communicate with esports players:

“The main difference between Valve is that they have long ceased to seek contact with professional players and just cut money.”

Previously, Dima represented ESPADA’s CS: GO roster. Shortly after the dissolution of the roster, Bandurka announced his move to Valorant.

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