Device about Vertigo in ECS S8 Finals: “We were just taken by surprise”

Astralis team member Nikolai device Reedtz commented on the team’s performance after the Esports Championship Series Series 8 CS: GO final. He noted that Team Liquid surprised Vertigo with a peak: playing on this map against the North American team was not easy.

“It was fun, both teams could win at Vertigo. I started the map poorly, I had problems with FPS – about 190. I do not make excuses, but even the admin noticed this and tried to fix it. I could not join the game and thought too much about it, sometimes you just can’t focus.

Of course, they [Liquid] surprised us. We assumed that Vertigo might be the third card after they took Dust2, but it didn’t work out in the order we expected. But yes, it was not easy to play against them, especially they succeed in shooting.

We just ran like headless hens and said that we needed to get together. We were simply taken by surprise. We lost a lot of rounds against MP9. They only lost when they were with Deagle, so it was a weird game. I can’t imagine what gla1ve was thinking, he is a captain, trying to understand what we need to do. We could win a round with Deagle and lose with a purchase – the game was strange, to be honest. It’s completely different from all the games we played against Liquid on Vertigo. ”

The Esports Championship Series Season 8 was held from November 28 to December 1 in Arlington at the Esports Stadium venue. The tournament prize pool amounted to $ 500 thousand.

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