Device about Valve’s rules for the sixth player: “Perhaps they will change by the Major”

The sniper of the Astralis CS: GO roster Nikolai device Ridtz noted that he hopes to revise the rules of RMR tournaments with regards to the sixth players before the Major. He wrote about this on Twitter.

“Despite the fact that this could potentially create financial problems, I still believe that the future belongs to the six-man squads. I hope this will be the case at the Majors as well. Companies with multi-million dollar investments rely on only five players without any kind of reserve system or rotation – this is just crazy, this is not the case anywhere else.

Now everything is so that the teams have no other options other than the penalty. And indirectly, this can create a situation in which the team can miss the main event of the year due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. I don’t think Valve published these rules, including with regards to the majors. And maybe everything will be different.

I don’t know how players can express this so as not to look spoiled, but we have seen countless situations where stress or illness put teams at a loss. At the moment, we do not have the necessary safety net for such cases. “

On January 28, Valve announced that teams will lose 20% of their RMR Points earned in a tournament for each substitution.

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