Device about es3tag transfer to Cloud9: “Anyone in his place would agree”

Astralis CS: GO sniper Nikolay device Ridtz spoke about the current form of his team, as well as about the transfer of Patrick es3tag Hansen to Cloud9. According to the Dane, no one could refuse such an offer. This became known from his interview to the portal.

device:“To be honest, he asked my opinion in a personal conversation. In my opinion, this was the best option in his current career, despite the fact that we wanted him to stay. In my opinion, anyone in his place would agree. Of course, there was also a monetary factor, but the main thing is that now Patrick will be guaranteed to play in the first team. Es3tag is still in the early stages of his professional career, despite the fact that he is 24. He must play a lot and get the maximum amount of experience. Maybe our roads will still cross. “

Device also talked about the adaptation of Andreas Xyp9x Houslet after returning from inactive.

device:“Yes, we’ve already practiced a little. While we played DreamHack with es3tag, Andreas did not participate in the training itself, but he was very active with strategies, trying to figure out how best to play his roles. We’ve already played a couple of screams together. “

During the interview, Ridtz revealed who is currently the captain of the squad.

device:”Magisk. Mostly he calls. They and gla1ve try to help each other, but if we find ourselves in a critical situation, then the final word is for Magisk, and Lucas can offer something in the middle of the round. “

The Dane also commented on the situation with Lucas Bubzkji Andersen, who is in the squad as a reserve player. In particular, device was asked if Astralis will carry out replacements during the upcoming BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 tournament.

device:“To be honest, I don’t know if I can say anything about this [laughs]. So let’s see. I don’t think the replacements are part of our plan, let’s put it this way. “

Astralis’ first match with Xyp9x in the squad will take place on November 2 at 18:30 Moscow time. The rival of the Danes will be the Brazilians from MIBR.

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