Details appeared about Jamppi’s lawsuit against Valve – it turned out that the Finn sued the wrong company

Valve responded to a lawsuit by CS: GO player Elias Jamppi Olkkonen, who decided to sue the company because of an old VAC ban. The shooter developers noted that Olkkonen’s lawsuit was framed incorrectly, because it was filed not against Valve herself, but against her subsidiary.

As the Finnish media found out, the official response of Valve was sent at the end of May, but it was published only now. As it turned out, Olkkonen’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Valve GmbH, based in Germany. This division of Valve Corporation is engaged in the manufacture of electronic equipment and is not affiliated with Counter-Strike.

The lawsuit of Jamppi against Valve became known at the end of March. Olkkonen decided to challenge the old VAC-ban, because of which he lost the opportunity to play in the majors and, according to insiders, missed a chance to get into OG. The player also requested more than € 250 thousand in compensation.

Valve has responded to a lawsuit from ENCE eSports CS: GO player Elias Jamppi Olkkonen – details of the process will be published on June 15. This was reported by the Finnish portal Ilta-Sanomat with reference to the regional court of the East Uusimaa region and an esports attorney.

Ilta-Sanomat turned to Olkkonen’s representative, but he declined to comment on the current situation. Valve did not report the process or publish statements regarding the player’s ban.

Rumors of litigation between Jamppi and the shooter developers appeared in late March. At that time, insiders reported that the lawsuit would be the last resort if Valve refused to discuss the removal of the VAC ban from the Finn. According to Olkkonen, the association is also involved in the association of professional players in CS: GO (CSPPA).

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