DeKay will no longer publish CS: GO insights

Journalist Jarek DeKay Lewis will no longer share insights on esports CS: GO teams. On February 8, he became a media consultant for ULTI Agency, which provides agency services to players. DeKay said this on Twitter.

On the ULTI Agency website, Lewis said that he originally planned to open his own esports agency:

“I wanted to open my own agency, but without hesitation I joined ULTI. The company shares my principles on how to run an agency. We will help players maximize their market value by joining our efforts. ULTI’s progress inspires me and shows that the agency wants to change the CS: GO transfer market for the better. I was surprised that ULTI does not bill players for services. This builds a healthy working relationship between the parties involved. I hope we will use my extensive network of contacts to make the transition easier for players. ”

The Norwegian agency ULTI Agency was founded in the summer of 2020. It offers players services in the areas of law, finance, negotiating with eSports clubs, and building reputation. Team Dignitas CS: GO players Haakon Hallzerk Fjarli and Haris H4RR3 Hadzic and several e-sportsmen from other teams cooperate with the company.

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