DeKay: poizon may join OG on CS: GO

Member of Windigo Gaming, Valentin poizon Vasilev, is allegedly in talks to join OG on CS: GO. This was announced by insider Yarek DeKay Lewis.

According to the journalist, the organization refused the candidacy of Elias Jamppi Olkkonen in favor of the Bulgarian player. The reason for this decision could be the presence of a VAC ban on the old Finn account.

Rumors that OG plans to sign the CS: GO roster came on October 5th. According to insiders, the roster is formed by Nathan NBK Schmitt and Alexi Aleksib Virolainen, who are still bound by contracts with Team Vitality and ENCE eSports respectively. The remaining places in the team, presumably, will be taken by Issa ISSAA Murad and Waldemar valde Wangse.

Possible OG roster:
Nathan NBK Schmitt;
Alexi Aleksib Virolainen;
Issa ISSAA Murad;
Valdemar valde Wangse;
Valentin poizon Vasilev.

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