DeKay: MIBR will perform at BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 with a new player

Vito kNgV- Giuseppe will join the MIBR in CS:GO at the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 tournament, which will be held on September 13-14. This was reported by journalist Yarek DeKay Lewis, the player and the club did not confirm the information.

At the moment, Giuseppe stands for INTZ eSports, with this club he won a quota for StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 and will perform in the preliminary stage of the championship. However, after the departure of Marcelo coldzera David from the MIBR, rumors began to link kNgV- with the transition to a new club.

In July, VPesports reported that the Brazilian team had not yet begun negotiations on the transfer of Giuseppe. The player has not yet announced whether he plans to leave INTZ after the major.

The composition of the MIBR conducts training in the United States. DeKay previously stated that kNgV- transition depends on whether he can get an American visa. On August 2, Giuseppe succeeded.

Possible roster of MIBR:

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