DeKay: “In my opinion, moving CS: GO veterans to Valorant is a win-win solution”

Journalist and insider Yarek DeKay Lewis speculated on the transition of CS: GO veterans to Valorant. In his opinion, this will positively affect the shooter from Valve. Lewis tweeted that because of this, new players will have more chances to prove themselves on the competitive stage.

“In my opinion, switching CS: GO veterans to Valorant is a win-win solution. They get new opportunities and give others a chance to prove themselves. Let’s see how many new talents break into the professional scene in a couple of years. ”

On May 7, ex-Ninjas in Pajamas player Jacob pyth Mourujarvi announced the move to Valorant. Earlier this was reported by other cybersportsmen. Among them are Tyson TenZ Ngo, Hunter SicK Mims, Shabseb ShahZam Khan, Braxton swag Pierce, Kevin AZK Larivere, as well as the entire MVP PK squad.

The CS: GO Professional Players Union (CSPPA) has announced changes to the competition schedule. The association postponed the summer break to earlier dates, and also extended the winter vacation.

CSPPA representatives noted that the decision was made on the initiative of tournament operators, including ESL, DreamHack, StarLadder and FLASHPOINT. The summer break will take place from July 6 to August 6 inclusive, and the winter break from December 21 to January 17.

Negotiated competitive negotiations earlier. The portal noted that the changes are associated with the coronavirus pandemic, due to which tournament operators have to change the schedule of their events. For example, ESL moved ESL One Cologne and IEM Melbourne to 2021, and instead of a championship in Cologne, an online competition will take place.

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