DeKay: friberg may join Fnatic. JW denies this information

Fnatic is negotiating with Heroic about Adam Friberg Friberg transfer. This was announced by insider Yarek DeKay Lewis. Member of Jesper JW Wexel said the team did not even discuss Friberg’s candidacy.

Fnatic had previously eliminated Richard Xizt Landstrom and Simon twist Eliasson from the main cast. The organization did not name the players who will take their places. On August 22, it became known that Heroic plans to replace friberg. This was reported by Rush B Media, citing its own sources.

“I respect friberg very much and I am sure that he will be able to strengthen many teams. But we never discussed a possible transfer with him. I don’t like to comment on rumors, but this time I can guarantee that this is a fake. ”

Friberg has been introducing Heroic since May 2018. With him, the team won the Games Clash Masters and TOYOTA Master Bangkok 2018. Prior to that, Friberg played for Ninjas in Pajamas for five years, and spent the second half of 2017 at OpTic Gaming.

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