DeKay: CR4ZY decided on replacements for nexa and huNter

CR4ZY will sign Georgi SHiPZ Grigorova. This was announced by insider Yarek DeKay Lewis, citing sources close to the team. According to Lewis, another player in the CS: GO roster will be the coach of the Luka team emi Vukovich.

SHiPZ is listed as a replacement at Windigo Gaming. In early September, the Bulgarian was taken out of the roster and put up for transfer. How much CR4ZY will pay for Grigorov is unknown.

Emi has been training CR4ZY members since November 2018: back then, the lineup performed under the Valiance tag. In 2017-2018 Vukovich was a team player.

On October 1, G2 Esports signed two CR4ZY members – Nemanja huNter Kovacs and captain Nemanja nexa Isakovich. The parties have not yet agreed on compensation for the transfer of e-sportsmen. As DeKay hinted, the case could end in court.


Possible roster of CR4ZY:

Nestor LETN1 Tanich;

Rokas EspiranTo Milaskauskas;

Otto ottoNd Sihvo;

Luke emi Vukovich;

Georgi SHiPZ Grigorov.

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