DeKay: coldzera transfer to FaZe Clan will be the most expensive CS: GO transfer

Insider Yarek DeKay Lewis said that the transfer of Marcelo coldzera David to the FaZe Clan set a new record for the amount of compensation paid for a player in CS: GO. He declined to give the exact value of the spare MIBR contract.

“Given that the coldzera [in the Faze] clan’s transfer is nearly complete, it’s safe to say that it will be the most expensive in the history of CS: GO.

As in the case of stewie2k, I will not name the exact amount. Too much hearing comes daily. ”

The rumor of a coldzera transfer to FaZe Clan first appeared in July. Then Nikola NiKo Kovacs denied the insider information. September 24, team coach Yanko Yu.N. Paunovic posted a photo at the airport with FaZe rookie Helviis Broki Saukanets – fans noticed that they were shooting David. DeKay later confirmed that the team will perform at ESL One New York 2019 along with coldzera.


FaZe Clan left GuardiaN on September 20, and NEO on September 11. Previously, NiKo said that the FaZe clan played in the US championship with Broky, but did not name the fifth member of the roster. Alexib.

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