DeKay about the situation with MIBR and FURIA: “Rules are created to follow them exactly in such matters”

Insider Yarek DeKay Lewis spoke about the situation in the match between MIBR and FURIA Esports at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 for CS: GO. A DBLTAP journalist said that in this case, the tournament administrators should not have shifted the responsibility for the decision to the players.


“The decision to replay the round looked like a noble gesture on the part of FURIA, but in fact it was a dangerous mistake from the administrators of BLAST Premier. “You should never allow players to decide whether to restart a match or round, especially given the past experience of MIBR players.”

In support of his words, DeKay cited another similar episode with the participants of the MIBR, which occurred in 2015. In a match against Team Liquid, one of the Brazilian players turned off the computer in the middle of the round, and the administrators left the decision to restart the American team. She refused to replay the round, because of this, the composition of Spencer Hiko Martin was criticized by Luminosity fans – the e-sportsman had to go to Brazil for the next tournament with bodyguards.

“The participation of teams in decisions that administrators must make only complicates the situation. If FURIA didn’t agree to restart the round, the same flurry of criticism would fall upon it as it did on Team Liquid [in 2015]. Moreover, the MIBR participants accused the rivals that they agreed to replay the round only under pressure from the fans, and not of their own free will. In such a hopeless situation, no team should find themselves.

The rules were created to follow them exactly in such matters, but this did not happen. Even if the solution requires additional consideration, it still remains solely with the administrators. Players find themselves in a very uncomfortable position if they are faced with a choice whether to follow the rules or not – this should not happen even in the most unpleasant circumstances. ”


In the MIBR and FURIA match on the Inferno map with a score of 12:12, Gabriel FalleN Toledo and Fernando fer Alvarengi hung CS: GO. They asked to restart the round, despite the fact that by that time one of the players had already received damage. According to the rules of the tournament, in this case, the administrators had to refuse the MIBR, but they asked the opinions of the FURIA participants.

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