Cyber ​​Legacy, EXTREMUM and 1win will play at the CTRL PLAY CS: GO tournament

The list of CTRL PLAY LEAGUE CS: GO participants has been replenished with EXTREMUM and 1win teams – they received invites to the tournament. In addition to them, Cyber ​​Legacy and 100PingGods won the first series of open qualifiers in the league. A total of 129 teams took part in the qualification.

The second CTRL PLAY open qualifier will take place on July 12th. Anyone can take part in it; registration is available on the FACEIT website.

Previously, participation in the tournament was confirmed by Hard Legion Esports, Vega Academy, Gambit Youngsters and Natus Vincere Junior. In total, ten squads will perform in CTRL PLAY LEAGUE – the last slots will be awarded to the winners of the qualifiers.

CTRL PLAY LEAGUE kicks off on July 20th with final matches on August 2nd. The games will be available on the CTRL PLAY Twitch channel and on the E TV channel. The broadcasts will be organized by E TERRA MEDIA.

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