CS:GO client now has button to send claims directly to server

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Big update of CS:GO was released on July 27. This time Valve’s programmers concentrated on finalizing the Panorama UI interface. Tab menu has been also changed. Developers integrated to it the server address and direct claiming buttons. Many in-game parameters were also neutralized by programmers.

List of important innovations:

  1. In Tab menu there is a button for viewing the server address. From now it is displayed in ‘motd’ file.
  2. Pause tab now has a button for sending claims directly to the server.
  3. Improved stylistic design of the menu items during weapon drop after the match.
  4. Improved usability menu for buying weapons.
  5. Local stability adjustments of the client have been made as well.

Preliminary testing of the new Panorama UI interface started on June 20. All this time it had been qualitatively improving. To start using it, you must enable the beta client using Steam’s instructions.

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