CS:GO bots will no longer replace disconnected players

On the evening of January 7, a patch was released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with which the developers changed the process of replacing players with bots.

Now the AI will only connect to the match after the entire team has left. Information about this appeared on the official shooter blog.

List of changes:


When a user gets disconnected from a match or gets kicked out in competitive play or Wingman mode, they will no longer be replaced by a bot. If the whole team disconnects, then one idle bot will appear.

Fixed a bug due to which users were kicked out of the game after entering the version command on a dedicated server; markers no longer move after players have passed them, and also do not stand out using weapons; corrected clipping areas on Mirage and Train;

Accounts that have passed ID verification in China have received CS:GO Prime status for the Chinese version of Steam. Cards Ancient improved optimization; fixed some clipping bugs.

Cache fixed a small gap in the texture of containers on the terrorist base; fixed colors of cargo containers; fixed a bug due to which the bomb explosion was visible over point A. Engage removed several points for replanting; a ladder appeared in the garage for more convenient movement; the glass ceiling at point A and in the center of the map can now be broken; removed the “office” area in the center of the map; added a ladder from point A to the spetsnaz base; both booth entrances are widened to make it easier for players to move between mid and A; The upper part of Bomb A and the bridge have been moved lower to make the bomb planting point more visible to players; removed a few awkward corners and extra zones at point A; removed textures of debris on plant A; improved FPS on the whole map.

Guard expanded connector; reduced the size of the corner of the restaurant; the position of the tarpaulin on the truck is aligned; reduced the small wall next to the stairs; spetsnaz spawn points have been slightly moved to adjust the time of a possible collision of players; the boxes next to the tower were moved closer to the pit; improved visibility at long range; removed the electrical shield next to the bicycles; reduced the amount of glass that players could break in the shop; the point at which it was possible to view the pit with the help of a landing at the special forces base was blocked; the size of the staircase was increased; added names of locations; fixed a bug due to which players could see the tower area when planting on a garbage container; fixed some points with intersecting fire; fixed various transparent textures; fixed various places where bombs got stuck; fixed point on the street where the player could get stuck; clipping has been improved throughout the map; minor visual adjustments and improvements.



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