CS: GO updated maps Mutiny and Swamp

On the night of July 28, Valve released a patch for CS: GO, in which it made several balance changes to the Mutiny and Swamp maps. The developers carried out general optimization, fixed bugs, and also improved the bounce of grenades and replaced the location of some shelters on the plantations.

List of major changes
Optimized platform shader files and audio configuration files to be packaged as compressed VPK files.

Various bird bugs have been fixed on Mutiny. The corner on the dirt road near the spetsnaz base has become more open. Fixed a bug due to which a bomb could get stuck in a small boat. Improved FPS for low and medium shaders. General optimization of the map.

In the passage to point B from the side of the terrorists, the ceiling has been removed so that you can throw a grenade. Removed invisible pixels at the junction of textures. Changed respawn positions in Deathmatch mode. The stones by the stairs at point A were replaced with flowers.

Bushes and leaves were removed in various places to improve visibility. Fixed landing position near point A.

Fixed a bug that allowed to plant a hidden bomb under stones in the square. Fixed a bug with alignment of stone slabs at the terrorist base.

Improved texture bounce of grenades in many places on the map.

On Swamp, some areas of the map have improved performance by 2-5%. Reduced the volume of sounds made by alligators and frogs. Changed the background of the fence at the length at point A (from the side of the spetsnaz base).

Reduced the size of the red plywood panel at the length at point A (from the side of the terrorist base). Changed the lighting in the small room on the way to point A. It is now more convenient for terrorists to look in and check the corner when entering.

Removed a gap in the spetsnaz base, which allowed players to look out for an opponent at the length of point A. Removed a pallet on the middle, on which players could get stuck after jumping.

Improved the balance of objects around point B. Added bouncing of grenades from the crane and street lamp. Railings have been removed around the plant at B to facilitate movement.

The full list of changes can be found on the game’s official website.

On July 24, CS: GO developers added Mutiny and Swamp maps to Casual, Deathmatch and Scrimmage modes. In the same patch, the registration of damage from combat grenades and “decoy” was adjusted.

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