CS: GO Tournament Judge Tells About New Bugs with Coaching Camera

CS: GO tournament referee Michal Slowinski, who took part in exposing coaches using a camera bug in official matches, spoke about new vulnerabilities in the game. On the HLTV Confirmed podcast, he stated that he found at least two more bugs that give coaches an even greater advantage than the previous one.

According to Slowinski, the new vulnerabilities allow coaches to make a third-person view and rotate the camera around the player while he was still alive. The judge clarified that his team has not yet been able to figure out how this bug is activated. Slowinski believes bugs are random, so there is a chance that the coaches did not abuse them.

Michal Slowinski, judge of CS: GO tournaments:
“This coaching camera bug has already been fixed, but there are two more vulnerabilities that we are investigating right now. In fact, they provide an even greater advantage, so let’s hope the check ends without serious consequences.

They are all similar in their capabilities, but have different activation methods. It seems to me that these vulnerabilities are more random, so we have not yet found the exact ways to activate them. But I’ve seen some suspicious demos where people get a third person view and can rotate the camera around the player. Obviously, this could be a great advantage for any coach. “

Coaching camera bug incidents are now being handled by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), which is advised by Slowinski. The tournament judge recently announced that he intends to check all tournament matches starting in 2016. At the moment, the commission has announced a “voluntary recognition period” that will last until 13 September.

Earlier ESL and DreamHack banned Hard Legion Esports, Heroic and MIBR coaches at their tournaments for using a bug with observer mode in CS: GO. The teams were disqualified from their respective championships and forfeited prize money.

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