CS: GO team owner: “The creators of CSPPA just want to fill their pockets”

The CS: GO team owner, who wished to remain anonymous, criticized the CS: GO Professional Players Association (CSPPA). In a comment to HLTV.org, he stated that the leadership of this organization acts solely in their personal interests and does not help the development of the industry.

The anonymous owner of the esports team stated that the CSPPA is trying to divide the participants in the professional scene and get rich on this:

CS: GO team owner:
“The real motives of the CS: GO Professional Players Association as an organization have nothing to do with the desire to provide the best conditions for everyone. The creators of this initiative want to fill their pockets and thrive on the opportunities they create themselves by exposing the functioning systems around them. This scheme has been used in other sports for years, but eSports don’t know about it – for CSPPA, the conditions are perfect.

The association is trying to create conflict and divide the industry – we are against them. A real organization representing players would not do that sort of thing, and certainly would not try to act as agents. She would act openly, seeking cooperation – she would talk about her goals so that we can start a dialogue. ”


The interlocutor of HLTV added that CSPPA is not interested in collaborating with teams, although this would help in the development of the industry:

“Tournament breaks, team ratings – we have constantly discussed and evaluated all this before. The emergence of the CSPPA did not change anything and only led to endless false claims and attempts to make a sensation out of ordinary things. Most of the teams have never communicated with the association until now, because it doesn’t need it – it doesn’t want to improve anything. Her style is all about confusion, misinformation and all the available ways to create chaos for the community to start believing her. The CSPPA is not going to do any good, it needs to be stopped so that other, really interested organizations can help in the development of esports. “

Earlier, a number of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 participants doubted the actions of the CSPPA, which initiated repeated proceedings on the use of team-spike recordings and images from the players’ personal webcams in the tournament broadcasts. Because of this, the start of the championship was postponed for several hours – later the teams confirmed that all disputes had been settled in advance.

Prior to this situation, many industry figures have repeatedly criticized the Association of Professional CS: GO Players. For example, the organization was involved in a conflict of interest, and its rating of teams was considered insufficiently objective.

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