CS: GO sets a new record for average online players

After the operation Shattered Web was released, user interest in CS:GO increased. In November, the average number of players reached 426 thousand, which is the largest indicator since the release of the shooter. Statistics provided by the portal Steam Charts.

The previous record average online players was 415 thousand people. This result was recorded in August 2019.

On November 23, the peak online in CS: GO reached 764 thousand players – this is the maximum figure for a shooter since 2017. The record for online in CS: GO was set in April 2016 and amounts to 850 thousand simultaneous users.

The last major update to CS: GO with the operation Shattered Web was released on November 19. With him, skins for commandos and terrorists were added to the game, and they also reduced the cost of FAMAS and Galil by $ 200.

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