CS GO Money bets


For the most of the time we are looking for gambling platforms that would give us opportunity to bet not skins but money, since it is still problem to transfer items into money with a legit prices. Usually people just transfer money into skins, skins into points or coins whatever it is on the site that contains roulette or tote. We could only hope to make a price/value grow during this journey of source metamorphosis. Right now most of us prefer to bet skins for skins or points for points because the less transactions were made the less money were wasted. And here is example, how bank management will help you in roulette, here is classic roulette able strategy so keep it in mind, this way can be used in lucky wheel or double game mode, pretty sure you guys able to transfer the idea into it.

Martingale strategy for roulette appeared in the XVIII century in France and was created for a game in which the player wins if the coin falls an eagle, and loses if tails. The Martingale strategy for roulette, if a player has a lot of money and can afford to put them, in theory, he can not lose. The strategy Martingale player must double your bet after each loss until the first victory that will restore all its previous losses plus a profit, which will be equal to the original bet.

As with any other system of rates, when roulette players have no luck and it is the band losses, it can lead to bankruptcy. However, in most cases, the Martingale roulette strategy is very effective, and the players with its application can benefit a lot. It is believed that the minimum and maximum betting limits offered by real casinos are established, because this way casinos want to limit the use of the Martingale strategy and add obstacles to its use.

Let’s say you bet $ 1 on the color of your choice (black or red), and if this color drops out, you get $ 1 profit (probability of winning – 1: 1). Then you bet $ 1 again on the same color, and if you win again, then continue to bet $ 1 on the same color until you lose or decide to end the game. In case you lose your bet of $ 1, your next bet will be twice as much – $ 2. Let’s assume that you play again. Now you have lost double the rate of $ 2 and $ 4 to put the selected color. If you lose again, double the previous rate of $ 4, this time putting $ 8 for the same color. Continue to bet like this until the moment has not yet rolled the desired color. When this happens, all the lost money back plus a profit of your initial bet (in this case $ 1). Let’s assume that your color will fall to a rate of $ 8, then you will win $ 16, and then all lost money back plus a profit of $ 1. The initial rate can be any size of your choice, but it is not recommended to do it more than $ 5.

Let’s make a calculation of what you put:

$ 1 + $ 2 + $ 4 + $ 8 = $ 15

Since the casino pays you $ 16, you recover their losses, and you have a $ 1 profit (initial bet).

You can test this strategy in roulette is absolutely free online casino (with virtual money balance), and you will see how effective and profitable it can become.

So think a little bit what way is better to you because you will find better strategies to hit the jackpot with cs go gambling and steal some real money without bets of one cent.

The next way is the easiest one – just use tote, the tote for eSport is absolutely the same as for usual sport, so there is will be nothing new for ya. Taste your luck and don’t be pussy. Its time to play a game!

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