CS: GO kicks off the week “From Russia with Love”

On the night of February 19, Valve released an update to CS: GO called “From Russia With Love.” The mission of the 14th week was added to the game.

List of missions:
“You only live twice”: to win eight rounds in the “Team” mode on the Train map – one star for completing a mission.
“Ah, you son of Kalashnikov!”: To commit ten murders using the PP-19 Bison as usual, “Mine” or “Delta Group” – one star for completing the mission.
Get an Advantage: Win five or more rounds during a competitive match on the Cache Card – two stars for completing a mission.
“Space Race”: step on three mines in the “Dangerous Zone” – two stars for completing a mission.
War of Attrition: Complete one kill from Desert Eagle in Destruction mode – three stars per mission.
Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, 1947: Complete ten kills with the AK-47 in Guardian: Train mode – three stars for completing a mission.
On February 18, CS: GO released an update to the Cache map. According to the creator, now the card has become less demanding on computer resources.

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