CS: GO coach Virtus.pro: “We have a very cool team”

CS: GO coach Virtus.pro Dastan dastan Akbaev spoke about how the team is going through defeats in tournaments. In an interview for the club’s YouTube channel, he admitted that he considered the past competitive year a success, and also disclosed details of a personal conversation with the club’s new general manager.

“I think our team is very cool. We have a good connection between the players, we never have any kind of abuse and so on. We lost – everything, we went out, then got together, talked. Especially now the year is ending, and as a result, the year has passed mega-successfully. Of course, the ending has passed so-so, but I think that what is happening now, but will then give a lot of positive, because it is still an experience. As you can see, the games were very close, and everyone seemed to understand that the round would turn out in the wrong direction – it would be different.  This is a game, it happens, probably, you also need to be able to survive such moments. There are no teams that did not have any recessions. Thank God that we participate in tournaments, fly, they invite us, we still have a good rating. This is much better than if we were sitting, not playing. The year is still sucessful. ”

Akbaev told what they talked about with the new Virtus.pro General Manager Sergey Glamazda during a personal meeting.


“The main urge from him is that we all sit here to be the best in the world. This is our goal. Victory is the main thing. He touched on so many other topics that Virtus.pro is a cool organization that does everything, that’s understandable. We came for this. The manager presented, many organizational issues, on bootcamp and so on we talked about. But in general, the main thing, I think, and we all should think about it, is to be the best in the world. ”

The final tournament in 2019 for Virtus.pro was EPICENTER 2019. The team took 7-8th place and did not qualify for the championship playoffs.

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