CS: GO cheaters have learned to ban honest players through the “Patrol” system

Services have appeared on the network through which cheaters can block the accounts of honest players in CS: GO for inaction in matches. The user of prohibited programs spoke about this in a conversation with the blogger Sparkles. His information was confirmed by the insider DonHaci.

Attackers attack accounts through the Patrol system and special bots that send complaints without having to be in a match with the specified user. After that, other CS: GO players may admit that the specified gamer allegedly intentionally interfered with his team.

According to DonHaci, this is how analyst Jacob Pimp Winneche got banned for 30 days after meeting a cheater in matchmaking. The insider added that after two such cases, the account will be permanently blocked. He also advised other users not to stop playing when faced with unscrupulous gamers.

With the help of the same services, cheaters can protect themselves from such attacks and blocking through the Patrol as a whole. They add their accounts to the blacklist of bots to prevent them from sending complaints.

In early July, Valve added a new anti-cheat protection system to CS: GO. It blocks third-party files and programs that interact with the game client. The shooter developers did not comment on the situation with the use of the “Patrol” by attackers.

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