Cooper- about returning to CS: GO after Valorant: “I realized that I want to stay in Counter-Strike”

Ze Pug Godz player Austin Cooper- Abadir revealed why he decided to give up his career at Valorant. In an interview with, he stated that the Riot Games shooter could not replace Counter-Strike.


“I played Valorant for about a week, but I realized very quickly that I didn’t like this game as much as Counter-Strike. As much as I wanted to get into it, I realized that I wanted to stay in CS. I felt that I want to continue my career in this game, because I really love it. “

Cooper also revealed that even before the breakup of the Swole Patrol lineup, they were actively looking for sponsors. According to him, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly influenced the negotiations with the clubs.

“We talked with some organizations, but did not come to an agreement with any of them. In the current situation in the world, many clubs are reluctant to sign new rosters. “


In early May, the majority of Swole Patrol players announced their move to Valorant. Among other things, Zellsis and Cooper- decided to change the discipline, which two and a half months later assembled a new CS: GO roster – Ze Pug Gods.


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