COO of NAVI: “Not only B1t has a chance to get into the main team”

Natus Vincere COO Alexey xaoc Kucherov spoke about the introduction of the sixth player into the main CS: GO roster. In a comment for, he noted that in the future, the team plans to continue to master this model, including with other NAVI Junior players.

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“Adding a sixth player is definitely a step out of our comfort zone and our familiar workflow. But it potentially solves many current problems that seem hopeless in the current environment. Therefore, strategically, it is necessary to try to implement it, in spite of the nuances that may frighten us at this stage.

B1t has done a great job in our junior roster during all this time and achieved certain results in terms of understanding the game and the quality of performance of the tasks set by the coach. This isn’t just limited to Valera, but we all need to start somewhere and do it with Bit – a great option.

But not only Beat has a chance to get into the main team. We continue to look towards this format and will try to “master” it in the right way. This is the essence of our youth team ”.

On December 8, Natus Vincere announced the expansion of the main CS: GO roster to six people. The team was joined by Valery B1t Vakhovsky, whom the team plans to introduce into the starting roster in some tournament matches.

The NAVI Junior member made his debut in the main squad on the first map of the match against Astralis at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020. B1t replaced flamie and finished the game with 13/24 statistics. According to analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik, while the team plans to perform with Vakhovsky only on Inferno.

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