Complexity Gaming Captain: “I Wouldn’t Want to Play Major Online”

The captain of the Complexity Gaming CS: GO roster Benjamin blameF Bremer spoke about his attitude to praise and hate in the community. In an interview with journalist Jarek DeKay Lewis, he also noted the progress of Owen oBo Sklutter and spoke about the possibility of running a major online.

According to blameF, praise motivates him strongly, and he takes criticism calmly if it does not come from the team – in this case, the esports player immediately listens:

“When they praise me or the team, it motivates me. For example, EliGE named me as a candidate for the top 20 players for the year. I remember I called my mom and said, “Mom, this is crazy. One of the smartest players in the world said I was good.” I remember we noted this over the phone.

As for the negative, there is a lot of it, to be honest. I think a lot of hats are stronger, but I am often called a byte, that I just want to get frags, that I am a “budget NiKo” who calls only for myself. It happens all the time.

The only thing I care about is what my team thinks. If my partners come up to me and say: “We don’t want you to do this or that” – in this case, I will immediately listen. If someone on the team asks to change the role, I will only be happy to help. So far, there have been no such precedents. If this happened, I would be worried that I somehow upset the guys. When people speak badly about me or the team, I don’t care. Unless the negativity comes from someone I value. “


OBo matured when Complexity moved to Europe, Bremer said:


“When we moved to Europe, he matured a lot and played much better. When I first joined the team, he could not be called a pro-team player. He did not know how to communicate, did not know how to throw grenades, did not memorize strategies. We had to adapt the strategies so that he didn’t have to do the spreads at all.

In Europe, he began to be zealous and gave variation to our game in official meetings. The only thing that cannot be doubted is the individual skill of oBo. Another plus is that he doesn’t get nervous at all. No matter what was happening at the tournament, even on LAN, I never noticed that he was worried. “

It’s better to move the Major than to play it online, blameF says:

“If something depended on me, I would not want to play major online. This is not the same feeling at all. I understand when tournaments are being moved online, but I don’t think this should affect the major. The decision to postpone the tournament and increase the prize pool is cool. I think it is worth postponing it until the moment when the championship can be held offline. “

On August 19, Complexity Gaming made its debut at ESL One Cologne 2020. In the first match of the tournament, blameF defeated MAD Lions. In the next round, the team will face Natus Vincere.

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