coldzera will leave MIBR

Marcelo coldzera David notified the MIBR management that he intends to leave the team of CS:GO. The Brazilian is disappointed with the latest results of the team.

David’s latest team tournaments will be the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 and IEM Chicago 2019, after which he will be transferred to stock. This means that the coldzera will not play for the team at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The enrollment for the major has already been completed, so the team will have to compete with zews.

Earlier, coldzera has already announced plans to leave the Brazilian team. According to the player, in March 2018, he considered other opportunities to continue his career when Epitasio TACO de Melo left SK Gaming. In July 2018, HLTV reported that the coldzera would leave the team due to disagreements with FalleN and fer regarding the development of the roster. According to sources, in both cases the high amount of compensation for the Brazilian became an obstacle to care.

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