Coldzera calls Zeus the worst against whom he played Counter-Strike

Marcelo coldzera David said that Natus Vincere captain Danil Zeus Teslenko is the worst player

he has ever played against in CS: GO. In a candid interview with the Brazilian channel Shot da Caju, he also told several stories about former teammates and Nicolay device Reedtz.

Excerpts from an interview with coldzera:

The worst player he opposed is Zeus;

Worst Companion – SHOOWTiME;

The best player he opposed is s1mple;

Best partner – TACO;

With whom would he like to play in the same team – NiKo.

According to coldzera, Joao felps Vasconcellos was the worst player in the MIBR. David wanted Kaike kscerato Kerato, who stands for FURIA eSports, to be in the team instead.

Coldzera also stated that it no longer wants to play in a team with Lucas steel Lopez and Ricardo boltz Prass, who now represent Luminosity Gaming. David noted that the latter still had problems with motivation, as Gabriel FalleN Toledo had previously spoken about.

The Brazilian also admitted that he was helping to become a better device, which, David said, was a modest guy. After Astralis began to dominate the stage, the Danes, according to coldzera, became “arrogant”. The esportsman shared his opinion with the Dane, after which he burst into tears.

In mid-July, coldzera left the composition of the MIBR – he personally asked the leadership of the team about this. According to rumors, the amount of compensation for the best player in 2016-2017. is a million dollars. On August 13, rumors appeared that David could enter the new 100 Thieves roster along with Robin flusha and Miikka suNny Kemppi.

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