Chopper about sports: “It makes the game feel better after that.”

The captain of the Team Spirit CS: GO roster Leonid chopper Vishnyakov said that he draws experience from the team coach Nikolai Certus Poluyanov. In the Parimatch podcast “Respawn”, the Russian also admitted that playing sports has a positive effect on the game.

Under the leadership of Certus, Vishnyakov grows as a coach:
“Now I am, in fact, like Kolya’s student. Because he teaches me everything related to captaincy, how to approach the game in general. How to call, what decisions to make. ”

The so-called online era initially appealed to the chopper, but he soon began to experience burnout:

“Personally, I felt great from the beginning, because we got in shape and I played pretty well myself. But the more you play at home and online, the more you get tired. Because the routine and the same things every day, when it’s impossible to go to a bootcamp or a tournament where you can change the environment, there is no such thing. ”

Sports can be useful in Counter-Strike, Vishnyakov admits:
“I go to the gym to somehow recharge. I go in the morning and refreshes due to this. Sometimes I ride a bike, sometimes I do walks after a working day for half an hour or an hour. It somehow refreshes the head.

About three years ago, I had a problem with a lot of weight, and I began to work to reduce it. After that, I somehow began to notice that the sensations in the game itself were getting better, and the state of health itself improved. And then, when I started going to the gym often, I began to notice even more that you feel better not only from the fact that your weight is getting less, but also simply from the fact that you are doing sports as such.

Chopper has been playing for Team Spirit since March 2019. Over the past year, the team has shown significant progress and reached the 13th line in the rating, at the moment the team occupies the 17th position.

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