Changes in Parallax roster

CrqFa0KVUAAYMzORecently Parallax announced changes in the CS GO team roster Sam “jokes” Molan will leave team and Simon “Sico” Williams suppose to take his place for the greater good. Here is the comment of Byron “Simcore” McLean(current manager) about that change:
“Making a roster change is exactly the kind of outcome we want to generally avoid as we look to move up the Oceanic scene and build on our early, positive results. We look to teams like Virtus.Pro as a big inspiration for that level of stability and chemistry. However, I put faith in the core team to make the right decisions and support the one they’ve made. It’s gratifying to be able to wave the Kiwi flag with the addition of Sico and I’m sure the team will carry their momentum through Season 2 of ESL ANZ Championship with him.”

Parallax’s squad now have:

Razmik “RaZ” Bastadjan
Simon “Sico” Williams
Egor “LONSDALE” Baranov
Chris “yellowwwwwwww” McGillivray
 Jordan “Hatz” Bajic

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