CEO Team Vitality will bring fan bus to Berlin for major and present merch

Team Vitality CEO Fabienne Neo David announced that multi-gaming will organize a transfer for 70 French team fans to Germany, where StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 CS: GO takes place. Fans will also receive a return ticket, access to the arena and the club’s merch: for everything the club will ask for € 10 (~ ₽732).

David specified that the return transfer to Paris will be free only on September 5, when the quarter-finals between Vitality and AVANGAR will end. Fans who wish to stay in Berlin until the end of the major (Vitality issues tickets for four days) will have to return on their own.

Initially, David was ready to send fans to Germany for free, but in the end the club decided to take a “symbolic amount” from them so that those who are not going to come take seats in the arena.

Among those who expressed their willingness to go to the major were Titan Sockshka Merlot, an OG coach who on August 25 became the two-time champion of The International.

According to French insider and journalist Guillaume neL Canelo, the organization may send another bus to Berlin, but the club has not yet confirmed this information.


The quarter-final between Vitality and AVANGAR will be held before two victories, the match will begin on September 5 at 19:30 Moscow time. You can follow the championship in our report.

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