CEO of Hard Legion on the ban on participation in the WESG for players from the Crimea

“We’ll have to look for two replacements.” CEO of Hard Legion on the ban on participation in the WESG for players from the Crimea

Hard Legion Esports CEO Tatyana Gracheva commented on the ban on players from the Republic of Crimea from participating in the WESG 2019 CS: GO qualification. In her opinion, politics should not affect e-sports. In a comment for, Gracheva also said that, despite the problem, the team will participate in the qualifiers.

CEO Hard Legion:
“I believe that the situation that is happening in our world with politics should not be attributed to any area of ​​development of any sport, – this also applies to e-sports. If everyone unites and begins to express their opinion about the ban on participation of Crimeans, as well as other regions that have come under sanctions, I think we can get some kind of comment from WESG.

We can take part in the qualifying, but not full-time roster – we will have to look for two replacements. This lineup will already look not like a team, but like a regular mix. It’s unfortunate that many regions are discriminated against due to political issues. ”

Gracheva added that the team has not yet decided on the replacements. “Who we take is not yet known, as many strong players are already taking part in this tournament,” said CEO Hard Legion.

The editors of also asked for a comment to the Russian-speaking representatives of World Electronic Sports Games. According to them, residents of the Crimea can not play, since in 2019 WESG is not held on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. Why the competition does not take place for residents and citizens of the peninsula – we were not informed.

On November 14, it was reported that two CS: GO Hard Legion players were banned from participating in the regional qualifiers for WESG 2019. The reason for this decision was that two esportsmen from the club represent Crimea.

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