CEO Natus Vincere: “If we didn’t say goodbye to Zeus, it’s not known if we would have played s1mple”

CEO of Natus Vincere, Evgeny Zolotarev, said that he was philosophical about changes in the composition of his teams. According to him, it is necessary to evaluate the correctness of one or another reshuffle only at a distance. As an example, Zolotoruev cited the situation with the return of Danil Zeus Teslenko and how it affected Alexander s1mple Kostyliev.

“Given the lack of substitutions in teams, sometimes personnel decisions are imposed on organizations by players, and it is difficult to resist. At the same time, there is a downside – sometimes you stand on your own, with all your strength you retain the composition, but it only gets worse. Therefore, I try to treat this philosophically, everything is happening as it should and when it should. ”

Zolotorev explained in detail what the club was guided by when in 2016 Teslenko refused services. According to CEO NAVI, this reshafl helped to understand the team’s problems and influenced Kostyliev’s form, which became the best player in 2018 according to HLTV.

“I have already said, but if we had not said goodbye to Danya, it is not known whether Sanya would ever play with us or not. Danya returned to us as a morally stronger leader after winning a major, and Sanya after his return spent a phenomenal year and became the best player on the planet, and both of them now play side by side in Navi. And this led to a series of decisions, which can only be assessed at a distance. ”

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