CEO AVANGAR: “The prize pool of the CS: GO Major is not a million dollars in reality”

AVANGAR CEO Yonggun Kim said that in reality, the prize pool of the CS: GO majors exceeds a million dollars. In an interview with the Forbes Kazakhstan YouTube channel, he noted that collectives earn much more from selling stickers.

Kim:“If players have their own stickers, Valve has a policy that only the players should receive money from them. And there are those purely for the organization. For you to understand, the prize pool of a major is not a million dollars in reality. If you count, we have earned almost half a million [dollars] from the stickers together with the players. “

Kim also talked about how much the AVANGAR CS: GO players received. According to him, their salary increased from $ 300 to at least $ 6.5 thousand, and Dauren AdreN Kystaubaev received $ 14 thousand.

Kim:“They started with $ 300, and the minimum for one was already $ 6.5 thousand. We paid one great friend of ours [AdreN] about $ 14 thousand a month. Can you imagine how much $ 14 thousand is for us? We understood that we were paying as a footballer. It seems to me that they pay the same amount in football in Kazakhstan”.

According to Kim, in some cases, bookmakers pay teams from the CIS several million dollars a year in sponsorship payments.

 Kim:”I will tell you one case from the CIS, I will not say which team has – bookmakers pay $ 2.2 million a year.”

Yonggun Kim also explained why he decided to sell the CS: GO roster. According to him, became interested in the roster even before StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

Kim:“I spoke with even before the Major. That is, I knew that they were looking for a team even before the Major, and at the Major they were watching intently. You see, in eSports to get into X2, there is very rarely that chance. And I understood that the conditions there would be good for them. I believe the time has come. And we will earn money, gave the guys a way. We understood that we didn’t want to, but at the same time we were engaged not only in e-sports. That is, there was already a defocus, and I have not devoted so much time to the organization, especially my partners. And we understood that if this continues like this, there will be a recession, and we will lose everything altogether.

And we thought it was time to get out. But I went, as a lawyer, to beat out the conditions. That is, the guys from Moscow flew here, we met them, I tell them: “These are the conditions, what are your conditions? Under such conditions, the boys will go.” When I told the players about this, they told me that if I tell them, they will go there. If not, they will stay. They were faithful to the end. I told them: “These are the conditions, this is the way. I believe that it will be very good for you and for us.”

AVANGAR sold VP CS: GO roster in December 2019. According to rumors, the deal was worth about $ 2 million.

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