Ceh9: “S1mple copes with its role, but GuardiaN doesn’t”

CS: GO analyst and commentator Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko shared his opinion on the current game form of Natus Vincere. He also said that Ladislav GuardiaN Kovacs is not coping with the role in the team.

“Because of GuardiaN s1mple, I had to transfer to another role, that is, he is not a sniper, he now plays with M4A1 and plays the role of the second AWP. He is coping with his role, but GuardiaN is not. ”

Trinozhenko noted that players should not blame each other for failures, but should look for reasons in themselves.

“It seems to me that the players did not understand anything. Players can take offense at me and at each other. But instead of sitting down and telling each to himself: “I play badly, I have to play better.” These are some kind of pink dreams of mine, let’s say so. They will probably continue to catch up with each other, look at the statistics, blame GuardiaN. Well, GuardiaN played badly, no one argues with that, but even if he played badly, you must not put pressure on him. Because now begins such a vicious circle, which was with seized in NAVI. <…> He is a cool example of how a team stopped believing in a player, a player stopped believing in a team, in himself, and as a result, nothing good happened. Now GuardiaN can wait for the same thing, then Boombl4 can wait for the same thing, because Boombl4 will start thinking: “Maybe I’m a bad captain. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.” And, accordingly, all this will lead to a closed chain – a vicious circle from which we will have no way out. You can talk a lot, but it is necessary that each of the players understand that he is the bottom. And only then, perhaps, NAVI will become a team. “

On October 23, NAVI left StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 8, taking 13-16 place and earning $ 5 thousand.

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