Ceh9 about the composition of OG in CS: GO: “Apart from big names, the team has nothing else”

Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko evaluated the OG performance in CS:GO at the qualifiers for the minor and suggested why the team could not get into the main stage of the Europe Minor Championship – Rio 2020, despite an invite to the closed qualification. He also noticed that the European team has no achievements so far. Caster shared his opinion in the video on his personal channel on YouTube.

“There are always questions for invites to the OG team, many teams in the world have long been asking themselves on social networks:“ Why should OG give an invite? ” Because apart from a big name and cool people, that is, as cool, famous players, the team has no achievements. But at the same time they are invited and they, accordingly, safely very often lose the matches in which they participate. Composition [OG] you all know very well, the composition seems to be eminent, but, as expected earlier [ceh9 talked about this in past blogs – approx. Ed.], the organization is cool, but they are unlikely to succeed. Because apart from big names in the team there is nothing more. ”

Ceh9 commented on the results of the match between OG and GODSENT for reaching the major. He believes that the team of Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen lost “fairly deservedly.”

“Of course, there were chances, especially on the third map – 16:14. But the third card is the third, and how to lose the first one? When you lose Train so much, 16: 3, and generally when in the map the map that you lose so much, this, of course, is not comme il faut. And the guys deservedly miss the important and prestigious tournament. ”

Closed qualifiers for the Europe Minor Championship – Rio 2020 were held online from March 7 to 8. 16 teams played eight slots at the LAN tournament, which will be held from April 26 to May 2 in Rio de Janeiro.

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