Ceh9 about NAVI show-match: “It’s a pity that CS: GO couldn’t do anything at all, although they tried”

Natus Vincere 2010 participant Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko commented on his performance in a show match against the club’s current CS: GO roster. In an interview with the Maincast studio, he said that the main event of the evening for him was a comeback on Tuscan, and also noted that the team had already discussed participation in the next similar events of the organization.

“I really liked it, it was worth it. The comeback at Tuscan is an enchanting event tonight for me personally. 12: 3, then I also had a fight with Zeus a little, but in the end we got together and we succeeded. It was cool.

But it’s a pity that CS: GO couldn’t do anything at all, although they tried. This is the case when you try, but they just cut you down from all sides, and they also cut you – minus morality, and that’s it. “

Trinozhenko said that the participants of NAVI 2010 were sure that they could take revenge on Inferno in CS 1.6 if they had such an opportunity. According to ceh9, the team played a lot of important rounds on this map.

“It seemed to us all that if we beat Inferno, then we would have a better chance of winning. We gave up a lot of situations for attack at the beginning, and they got [advantage]. And after CT, then 2v5 was a round – this greatly influenced some possible comeback. This is the situation when you give up key rounds and the opposing team wins. “

Ceh9 added that during the show match NAVI 2010 proved to be excellent as a team. The roster members even jokingly discussed the upcoming meetings against the 2030 and 2040 rosters. At the same time, Trinozhenko came to the conclusion that he and his former teammates would no longer be able to perform on the professional stage.

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