Ceh9 about G2 Esports roster changes: “KennyS reminds GuardiaN”

Streamer and commentator Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko spoke about the changes in the G2 Esports CS: GO roster. He compared the team with Natus Vincere and stated that he did not believe in the success of the updated roster. Trinozhenko told about this in a vlog on YouTube.

“KennyS, based on its statistics, of course, played sadly last year. There, his rating is below one – for a top sniper, of course, this is not an option. In this sense, kennyS is reminiscent of GuardiaN, which played for several months in NAVI, and there he had everything plus or minus the same way.

Again, if we draw an analogy with NAVI, then in the end s1mple switched back to a sniper rifle or an m4. Well, like this is the number one sniper in the team, but at the same time, if necessary, he can distribute from the m4a4. Similarly, it is written in the statement of the G2 team. It seems to me that G2 has everything worse in comparison with NAV]. If we take a purely copy of NAVI, then every player of the G2 team falls a little short to the level of NAVI players. But due to the fact that everyone falls short, in the end, the results of the G2 team leave much to be desired. I have little faith that something will work out here. ”

On March 4, Kenny kennyS Schrab left G2 Esports, for which he had been playing since February 2017.

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