Ceh9 about flamie replacements in NAVI matches: “I think it could affect him even worse”

Analyst and commentator Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko shared his opinion about Natus Vincere CS: GO roster Yegor flamie Vasiliev. He noted that the replacement of the Russian e-sportsman with Valery B1t Vakhovsky in NAVI matches could negatively affect Vasiliev’s level of play. Trinozhenko told about this in a vlog on YouTube.

“Where did the flamie go? He was removed from almost all maps. At all, of course, I exaggerated on the key ones for NAVI: these are Inferno, Overpass and Mirage – we now have B1t there. That is, those cards that are constantly played back, now we have B1t there. Flamie stayed on Dust2, as I understand it, on Train and Nuke. In short, it turns out 50/50. But flamie didn’t play better. The idea is, as I understand it, to unload the flamie, because he is a veteran of the NAVI team. I do not know what is there with motivation, with psychology – most likely, I think, the dog is buried in this very aspect. But, most importantly, due to the fact that it has now been removed, it seems to me that this can affect the flamie even worse. He is really somehow not visible, although I looked at the statistics on Nuke, noted his game – it seemed to look good.

There is a constant discussion about flamie – should you kick it or not. Guys, in CS: GO you can’t forget how to play. A person is constantly training, he is with the team, he is playing. But for some reason there is no stability. Here you need to understand why a person stopped playing as steadily as he played ”.

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